Plaid wrap jacket

This was so fun to make.. I love the timeless look…

Original design, heavy weight cotton plaid, dart details in back
plaid jacket by me4


DIY non toxic flawless finish liquid makeup and powder

And now for DIY non toxic flawless finish liquid makeup and powder that Really Really benefits your skin.. Great coverage and lasting.. I LOVE IT!!

diyfoundation diy foundationWhat you need
1.container 2.your favorite moisturizer/ creme (I love Weleda Calendula Baby Creme!! It feels and smells absolutely wonderful!) 3. kaoline clay 4.french red clay 5.tiny bit of tumeric (a little goes a long way)
how to make it
1. mix a blend of white clay, red clay and tiny bit of tumeric until you get a powder that best matches your skin 2. mix in your favorite moisturizer/ cream (it will be darker than the powder when you add the cream) start adding any color you made need white clay etc. until it matches your skin color 3. add more cream until you get a perfect consistency, mix it until it is all blended and… Wha La!!! Bella!! For supplies I got mine from various stores on Etsy and my local health food store… ❤

DIY non toxic, eyeliner, eyebrow color, eyeshadow, and blush

How to make DIY non toxic eyeliner… eyebrow color… eyeshadow… blush?  I made some and it ROCKS…

What you need
1. container 2. eyebrow brush, liner brush, eyeshadow brush, and blush brush 3. coconut oil 4. bees wax 5. activated charcoal 6. red french clay

how to make eyeliner and eyebrow color
1.melt bees wax and coconut oil in tiny sauce pan 2. add charcoal and french red clay stir until it gets a nice consistency (I wanted a dark rich brown color so I added quite a bit of red clay) 3. pour into container 4. let cool

How to make blush and eyeshadow
apply red french clay as needed and…. Wah La !! For supplies I got mine from various stores on Etsy… ❤
diy eyeliner brow ingredientsr