Custom Handmade Wedding Dress

14215775_10210428733133907_347675014_oSilk Lined Linen Wedding Dress Cotton Lace Over-Let Antique Mother Of Pearl Buttons Down The BackKristen wedding dress1

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Congratulations Kristen and Ernesto!

Handmade Dress

white 1919 2 white 1919 This was inspired by the Greek Revival of the early 1900s style…. cotton  dress handmade 2011

Aunt Geraldine J. Russell

Geraldine Jacobi

This is my Great Great Aunt Geraldine Russell she spent a time in the Zeigfeld Follies, recited poetry, sang, danced, modeled for painters, she led a beautiful vibrant life, and she is also Jane Russells mother. I have always found her so inspiring…. and what a wonderful stylish outfit in the first photo…